Karate Birthday Parties Online – Bring Far Off Family Close

One of the things kids can’t fully understand is why those they love can’t be with them during important events. You can explain it to them, but that is a poor substitute for their little minds. What if there was a way for all family members and friends to be there during one of the most important days of the year for your Little Ninjas no matter how far away they are?

Karate birthday parties are celebrations mostly enjoyed by children with a class, board breaking, and lots of family and friends to cheer them on. Online versions of these events can bring families and friends together for these special days no matter the distance or ability to attend in person.

What can Karate birthday parties online offer these families that can’t be matched by in person gatherings or other online attempts? It may surprise you how this type of option can be either an entire solution for a commemoration or a large component of a day’s activities.

Karate Parties In General Are Amazing Options For Kids

Many birthday parties are money pits full of gimmicks and cheesy junk passed off as favors and entertainment. The majority of location based parties aren’t much more than warehouses full of unappealing games adorned in bright colors.

Many of them like obstacle course rooms, skating rinks, and the fallback of many parents at a loss for what to do, Chuck E Cheese fit this bill. My wife Jackie actually worked at a Chuck E Cheese as a teenager in Knoxville, TN. She could tell you some horror stories about that birthday party ‘Mecca’.

Then there are the usually overpriced ‘entertainment’ companies that send out someone to help liven up your party. These are sometimes worth the money, but many times a total disaster. I have seen both. Usually the ones that worked out though were when we had Fire Departments and Police bring out the K-9 units to our Karate school location for parties.

Those options were worth the money because they were free! We did end up usually donating to one of their causes, but it wasn’t mandatory.

The point is, these paid entertainers are usually part time, low paid contract labor. Is this who you want in charge of your child’s big day?

Karate or martial arts birthday parties on the other hand are handled usually in a much more directed manner. The instructor, if he doesn’t send someone else to do the party, will care more about the outcome. He is looking to make a good impression, and the party isn’t an end in itself for him. He is looking for new students.

If you keep this in mind, you will come out ahead in this situation, whether you have your child sign up for classes or not. This instructor cares much more about the experience your party attendees have. Going through the motions won’t cut it if his goal is to sign up students later. The party has to be on point. You will benefit from his motivation.

Next is the fact that a good Karate instructor will be teaching something of high value mixed in with all the fun. The goal is not over-stimulating children and then leaving them for parents to deal with. Good martial arts parties have elements of discipline, character building, and self defense included. You are getting way more value out of this.

Then comes the fun. Depending on the instructor, these parties can leave kids talking about them for weeks, and no other subject will do. They can leave a lasting impression and plant memories that will be remembered for decades to come.

Online Karate Birthday Parties Ascend To A Whole Other Level

With Karate birthday parties being so beneficial in and of themselves, what else could be gained by doing them in an online, virtual setting? There are a host of reasons to do your party from the comfort of your own home.

One of the great positives in not having a party in a location that everyone converges on is the massive amount of stress, setup, and cleanup required. If you are doing it using the facilities and employees of a location based company, you are paying for them to help. Yet, many times they only provide partial service.

All of the headache is on you to make sure the event goes well. You can hire help, but many times coordinating what they will be doing and making sure they do it is more headache than if you just did it yourself.

Using an online format takes much of this off of your plate. People are in the comfort of their own homes as are you and your family. There is so much less to coordinate, you won’t believe how smoothly it goes.

Party gifts, favors, and the like can be simply ordered ahead of time and delivered to the participants homes. Anything imaginable today can be delivered.

One of my all time favorite things that I and others have used at parties are Super Hero Capes and masks. A bonus is, they are so much cheaper now than when I bought them in the past.

You can order sets of several of them on Amazon and they can be shipped right to the doors of the participants. Check out these super hero capes and masks on Amazon here. These are what I use in some classes and parties.

The mess and germs are just your own, and you don’t have to worry about scouring a rented space or your own rooms after everything is over.

Karate is also a great way to do this. A good instructor can deliver a class that has everyone participating and having a great time. All the benefits of a martial arts class during a party translate easily to an online format with the right instructor.

Here is an example of one of my online classes. I have many kids in each of these (I don’t show them in this video for obvious reasons, but you can sometimes hear them.) classes, and we have a blast. I have kids from all over the country in all times zones participating in the same class and even interacting with each other.

Just keep in mind, this is an instructional based class. My wife says that Karate Birthday Parties Online are like classes ‘on steroids’.

You can save yourself much of the headache and offer a novel experience by having everyone log in to your next birthday event virtually. Everything from university degrees to martial arts classes are exploding online. Parties are following them along the same path.

If you would like to see how I do online Karate birthday parties for tons of Little Ninjas each year, click on the link here.

Bridging The Barriers Of Distance

Photo by Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill

In a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers found that parents and grandparents of family units had lower overall health and higher negative physical symptoms when loneliness was detected.

Furthermore, a decreased view of the other members of the family developed over time leading to bitterness and withdrawal. This withdrawal not only affected the family, but resulted in varying levels of reclusive behavior and shunning of immediate community bonds.

In short, loneliness is a huge problem as we get older. It is not just an inconvenience. It is a mental, emotional, and physical issue that grows worse with prolonged exposure.

The good news is, this problem has an easy fix. With today’s technology, devices, and networks there really is no excuse for neglecting parents and grandparents. They are literally a few button pushes away.

Karate birthday parties for your Little Ninjas online can be a breath of fresh air to isolated or lonely family members that live too far away to feel adequately connected. Your munchkin while enjoying themselves in this event centered around them can be throwing a lifeline to others looking for rescue.

This can be enjoyed by those in hospitals, nursing homes, as well as those away for work and career placements. Older siblings or parents in the military can be a contributing part of a Karate party held virtually. This is not just an awkward sit and watch option. They can join in and act silly, sit and cheer, or interact directly with family.

Video and pictures won’t compare to cheering on a son, daughter, grandchild, or nephew as they build up the courage to break a board or successfully perform that new jumping kick. Live events like online Karate birthday parties can bring everyone together like few things can.

The key here is a common goal of celebration that translates across the internet. Sure, people do meetings all the time and even university classes this way. Yet, a party celebrating the victories of a child close to your heart. Gold, pure gold.

Whatever the reason you or loved ones can’t be with a special Little Ninja on their big day, an Online Karate Birthday Party can be just the fix you need. If you would like to check out the online Karate birthday parties that I offer, click here to read all the details.

I recently had students attend my class on vacation, ON THE BEACH. This can literally be done anywhere. The connection was perfect and the girls were able to test for their new belts and break boards making the experience one they will never forget.

Congrats super girls!

This versatility of location is invaluable. With access to classes, parties, and testing anywhere you go, this could be an activity like none in history. You could carry a martial art dojo in your pocket with any smartphone or tablet.

We are living in unprecedented times. Don’t let these new opportunities pass you by.

If you would like to see how to join in on classes, visit my Home Dojo page to get all the details.

Birthday Parties Can Become Expensive Without Set Limits

There is no doubt that many misunderstand what a party is supposed to be about. Some are using them as status symbols for themselves. Others are living vicariously through their kids and thrusting their fantasies on them. Still others are in the practice of over-indulging their kids or grandkids.

There are everything from rented islands and castles, to complete home makeovers just to host a one day event. Expenses can range from the high priced to the absurd.

This of course is a caricature of what most people plan to do, but for some people a sense of reality goes out the window when party time comes around.

Then you have those types of entertainment companies and event coordinators that have lost their minds when it comes to pricing. I can understand that their volume of sales requires them to price their services high. I am not disparaging their motivations.

The problem I have is with the business plan itself. The overhead requiring those types of prices are just part of a broken model. It is hard to make a living from it for this reason.

To be sure, there are better and worse planners and entertainers and there are a wide range of prices. The problem with many of them is that you are spending nearly your whole budget on an hour of your gathering. There has to be a better way.

This also goes for those locations that rent their obstacle courses, game rooms, or play areas. On top of all of this, they require that you buy much of your food and drinks from them at extortionist prices. I understand that many would take advantage of their facilities otherwise. With rents and utilities plus insurance and payroll, these can quickly turn into money pits.

Here again, it is the broken model that is the problem and not the business owner with all the stresses that comes with. There has got to be a better way to have entertainment, activities, and even party extras.

Karate birthday parties online is that answer.

Karate Birthday Parties Online Are Exponentially More Affordable

When the average price for Karate birthday parties on site is in the $300 range and entertainment like animal handlers and clowns being in the same ballpark, it is no wonder online services are exploding. The low overhead, lack of required travel, and smaller expenses needed to run this sort of virtual business is so much lower.

Karate birthday parties online like the ones I offer can be as much as one third the cost of even other on site martial arts birthday parties. They are even cheaper when looking at what obstacle course and playroom facilities charge.

You are not required to purchase all food and beverages from an instructor in an online party like you would at one of these locations. There are no gratuities either. There usually is one expected at most location based celebrations for cleanup crews and entertainment.

There is no facility to rent since everyone is in their own homes attending via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The facility for the party is a vast combination of environments. There is the Karate instructor’s dojo, your home, and the home of all the attendees.

So what are the prices of different types of parties? Here is a chart that can help you sort out the differences.

Obstacle Course Gyms$350
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Restaurant/Game Rooms$330
Food/drinks included
Food/drinks included
Food/drinks included
Food/drinks included
Animal Entertainment At Your Location$350$350$400$400
On-site Karate Parties$250
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Outside food/drinks prohibited
Master Booe’s Online Karate Birthday Parties$99$99$99$99
Prices for some options can vary on package and company choice.

When you see it laid out this way, it becomes clear how an online Karate birthday celebration could be a great additive or entire party solution. With no traveling or other cost for overhead to pass on to customers, I am able to save parents a substantial amount.

There is also no travel for anyone involved. The savings even go further when you shop for party favors, balloons, and gifts online and have them delivered directly to people’s homes.

Here is a link to the balloons I always order for parties I have done for my kids and others on Amazon.

If you are planning your next birthday event for you Little Ninja, check out my information on my Karate parties online at this link.

Karate Parties Are A Great Way To See If Your Child Will Enjoy Regular Classes

If you have ever wondered if Karate classes or martial arts in general is a good fit for your munchkin, you may have a great opportunity to test the waters with their next birthday. This is a great time to try out a class, a style, and most importantly an instructor.

Making the choice of which instructor to trust with your most valued of treasures is a big decision. You should be able to see how someone deals with your child and others in a non-committal situation before making decisions that allow them access to your kids.

The huge problem with the free trials and $19.95 gimmick intro programs of many Karate school locations is this: it’s a trap. You are dealing with pre-designed sales scripts, psychologically researched tactics, and pressure sales procedures all designed to convince you to bind your child to a year or more contract.

If you want to see behind the curtain and get a glimpse of the real world of professional martial arts ‘brick and mortar’ locations click here to read my article. Get ready to be shocked. It is a lot more like a car sales process than you would imagine.

In a birthday party situation, you can see an instructor and how they interact with kids with no strings binding you to have further classes. You can also see signs that may change your mind with particular instructors.

If the instructor is teaching smaller children like they are teens or adults, run. In a party situation an instructor will be putting their best foot forward so to speak. If they are boring or unable to hold a child’s attention in a party, they are going to only have a harder time in a regular class.

This only applies though, if the party is conducted by the instructor you will be having as your child’s martial arts teacher. Many school owners hire their advanced students or new black belts (usually teens or early twenty year olds) to do their parties. If this is the case, I would be very cautious.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these guys have great personalities and can do fine in a party setting. Yet, week in and week out providing a stable and consistent environment for kids is something that normally takes much more experience raising children than these younger assistants can have.

There is a problem with many schools. There is a tendency to have upper level students or assistants teach most of the classes. This is partly because the industry marketing companies tell these instructors this is the model they should follow. There is also their own desire to deal with the business of running a school which is way less physically demanding.

It is a red flag if you see an instructor ‘farming out’ all of his instruction. I have seen some situations where a school owner hadn’t taught more than a portion of a class for many years.

A party will give you the opportunity to see how an instructor acts and interacts with your child. If the instructor is an older teenager or adult in their early twenties, think twice.

The Online Karate Birthday Parties Takeaway…

So, what can I leave you with that can help you when deciding what kind of party to give your Little Ninja? I would suggest seriously considering an online option that allows family from around the world to join in the action for many reasons.

I regularly have events, parties, and classes attended by people from all over the U.S. and around the world. These people and the kids are so happy they had the chance to be there for the event that would not have been possible otherwise.

Karate parties in general are also a great way to do this online.

Firstly, there is not awkward silence or need for small talk. There is a directed activity and everyone is comfortable either participating or watching the kids have all the fun.

Second, the price of an on location party of any kind can be budget busting. It is shocking how much the totals can reach and this is before any gifts are bought. Many times there is mandatory food that must be bought through the provider company. Then there is the cake and ice creme that must be provided separately.

Online martial arts parties are a very affordable option with the added benefit of saving time and money for all involved. No one has to travel and even gifts, party favors, and even food can be prepared and delivered for the event.

Another benefit to holding Karate parties is the ability to ‘try out’ a Karate instructor and see how the experience will ‘strike’ (pun intended) your little munchkin. The instructor will do a good job with the prospects of gaining new students and there will be no high pressure sales tactics at a child’s party.

With all of this in mind, if you would like to see how my classes online are run, simply follow this link and you can see all the details and even a recorded sample class.

If you have a birthday for your Little Ninja coming up and would like to find out more about my online Karate birthday parties, follow this link to get the ‘tale of the tape’ (again lame dad pun intended).

I hope to see your and your Little Ninjas in class soon!

Mathew Booe

Mathew Booe is a father of four, husband to Jackie since 1994, retired international competitor with over 50 wins, an international seminar instructor, a master instructor of hundreds of Little Ninjas each week, and the one bringing you the great content like you just read. Sign up for the newsletter to hear about his upcoming books before they are released to the public.

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