Private Karate Classes And Costs For Kids Online Live

Do you have a child that would love to take Karate or martial arts classes, but the costs are just too high at onsite locations with their building, staff, insurance, and advertising costs to cover? Maybe you live in a rural setting with an insurmountable drive. Is your child apprehensive about training? If you are looking for an alternative for these or other reasons, online private or group classes could be your solution.

Private Karate Classes live online or small group live online classes can give your child personal attention. The costs for most martial arts programs can be enormous. The private, semi-private, or group Karate classes described below start at only $99 for 9 weeks of classes.

What are private or semi private online classes and what do they offer? The private part mostly is fulfilled by your child being in your own home under your supervision. There is the semi private portion that comes when others join in the same class from their homes. You can choose to see them, be seen, or be completely private. There is also an option to simply be the only one in the class with the instructor, but this does come with added costs.

How Do Private Karate Classes For Kids Online Work?

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that many doing online style classes are not actually doing a ‘class’. Many times they are simply recording videos and posting them for others to watch. This is not what is meant by an online class. Those passing these off as classes are not offering what their students need.

Live classes can be recorded for later viewing, but entail the instructor dealing directly with the student and leading practice activities and instruction in real time. The classes I teach are always live with a recorded playlist of all the term’s sessions available as soon as the same day.

All that is needed is a laptop, ipad, smartphone, or some other device to utilize the conferencing app. There just needs to be a video camera and mic available.

The Karate class is led by me with a myriad of drills, games, and instruction specifically tailored to 2 yr old through elementary aged kids. There is character development lessons, self defense, drills, games, and points for listening to parents and trying hard in school and Karate.

All of this is coordinated with the parents and delivered right to your home with the personal delivery I have developed over 30 yrs of martial arts instruction. The system allows for the student to directly interact with me, ask questions, show techniques, and even test for belt advancement.

There are also fun additive classes like movie nights, quiz nights, and much more. The classes are as they should be: a well rounded, fully developed martial arts program. You can expect to get the same level of instruction and attention as in an on site school. Since it is directly in your own home, it can even be more effective at fostering good behavior and self discipline in kids, as they see it as more directly relatable to them.

Check out my online Private Karate Classes for kids here. There are private, semi-private, and small group options available.

Do Kids Wear Uniforms In Private Karate Classes Online?

They sure do. My program is a full fledged martial arts private or semi-private system, complete with Karate Gis, belt ranks, and even board breaking. The uniforms are all the same for my students. They are black traditional wrap Karate Gis.

It is important to treat the Karate class in your home with the same respect that you would give a Karate class on location or in a public setting. Uniforms are worn, bowing in respect is performed, and even though the high energy of the class is designed to keep kid’s attentions, self discipline is expected.

Kids are taught to put on their own uniforms and if they are above preschool ages, to tie their own Karate belts. Taking care of the uniform after the class is stressed, so it is ready for the next session without handing off responsibility to mom and dad.

This breeds responsibility awareness in children and teaches them to take care of their possessions, valuing what they have instead of treating everything as disposable. This will be their Karate uniform and their responsibility. Caring for it is a great tool for parents to develop good habits and character.

Another option for those that choose it, is to wear a t-shirt of the same color and with the same logo on it as the uniform. This is a good option for those kids that are finicky about the feel of clothes on their skin. Over sized t-shirts and a karate belt for younger kids work just as well as a uniform.

The same benefits apply when tasked with taking care of their shirt and belt as with a full uniform. This just becomes a preference thing and is up to the parents to decide.

You can see read more about my Live online classes for kids here.

Do Kids Have Tests In Private Karate Classes Online?

There is always a way to test whether a child has learned the techniques required for a belt rank. Sometimes things are sent to your home through the mail and somethings you will have what is needed right at home. More often than not, they will have done what is required in the actual live class hundreds of times already and it will be rather natural for them.

In my classes there is board breaking for the first half of the belt ranks at least. These boards can be sent to your home in many ways. Or you can use the instructions given to simply get them locally. Either way, this exciting option is available in private online karate classes the same way it would be at on site locations.

There are also many other techniques from the categories of grappling, striking, and weapons that will be learned and displayed during testing. Testing is a fun and exciting time for kids.

Not only will there be the option of having tests online in private or small group karate classes, there will also be another unique opportunity that most on site locations are not able to offer. Due to the meeting style atmosphere of these classes, class ID codes and passwords can be given out to grandparents and other family members who can tune in a cheer on their Little Ninjas in training.

Often at on site locations, many family members can’t be present for most or any of the testings for new belt ranks. Yet, with online testing that goes along with private or semi private Karate classes online for kids, whole families can join in the fun.

All of this adds up to a great testing experience for the whole family to enjoy. Kids love an audience as long as they feel safe in the environemnt and surrounded by supporting family members. Kids Karate classes online whether in group, semi private, or private settings are right up their allies.

What Age Can Kids Start Karate Classes Online (Private or Group)?

There is a definite benefit to online training in your own home where your child is comfortable. This lends itself to younger children who may be frightened or intimidated by the environment or crowds.

It has been my experience that all 3 year olds can do private Karate classes online and even group classes. Their attention spans usually are very hard to keep on the other hand, so it takes a skilled instructor to hold their focus.

I have sometimes many families in my group classes with ages ranging from 2 to 10 yrs old. I offer something for all of them and they all enjoy it in their own way. Yep, you heard correctly. I start some of them as young as two years old.

Kids as young as two over half the time can do the classes just fine. There are some that are not mature enough to pay attention, but with today’s ‘screen centered’ world many can. It is a combination of the screen and the direct interaction and feedback that makes this all unique.

There is also the fact that I tailor what I do to fit their little minds and abilities, as well as tackle their funny bones. It is this mixture of fun, fit, and functional that has many two year old children loving ‘Karate day’. When they don’t want to do something, “but it is Karate day” is a potent mantra for their parents.

Though many Karate instructors can’t handle these young age groups in person, I not only do that, but tackle the monumental job of making an impersonal delivery method highly interactive and relatable. That is very important with younger children. They want to know you are nice, safe, and funny.

With them enjoying the comfort of their own familiar surroundings, they can let themselves enjoy without feeling the stresses that sometimes come with on location classes. As young as 2 years old can take my private karate classes online, or my small group sessions as well.

What Kind of Device is Needed For Private Karate Classes or Group Classes Online?

There are a myriad of potions. You can go with an expensive setup or the simplest of options. There are some specific things you will need to know about most solutions so I will go over the most common ones here.

Laptop with a webcam and microphone

The staple in Karate classes online would have to be a laptop. The portability and the fact that most come with a built in webcam and microphone means that they are all set up and ready to go.

Another advantage to the laptop is the ability to use the long term storage or hard drive memory for things like notes, recordings, and photos. Though this is not a necessity, it can come in handy if you are looking for that. Mostly, everyone has a laptop and they come preset for private karate classes online.

Desktop Computers With Webcams and Microphones Work Great for Private Karate Classes Online.

This option may necessitate some additional equipment. Not all setups for desktop computers come standard with webcams and microphones. They will have to be added if they were not a part of the original setup.

These are cheap additions to any desktop rig. You will just need to make sure what your particular computer comes with and get the additional components that you may need.

This may be a much more location restrictive option in your house, and will necessitate an indoor class experience. Many of my students frequently do the private Karate class either on a porch, in a garage, or even in their back yards for variety.

With a more location restrictive option like a desktop computer, make sure adequate space is available for Karate techniques and a bit of foolishness and fun.

A Cheaper Option: Using a Chromebook or Equivalent.

The full functionality of a laptop is not necessary to participate in an Karate class in a distance learning setting. The main components needed are all included in a much cheaper Chromebook style option.

The webcams and microphones work just fine on these streamlined internet focused machines. I record and provide all instruction for you, so all your child will need is a way to access the class and participate.

A Chromebook has these essential functions and allows for viewing recorded videos online as well. No need to invest in an expensive laptop, simply use a Chromebook.

Tablet or Smartphone of Your Choice

The great thing about most all tablets and smartphones are the high quality cameras and microphones that come with them. They are tailor made for conference style meetings and classes. It is not advisable to purchase one of these for the sole purpose of participating in a private Karate class or online group setting, but most people already have one and can just tune right in.

There are holders that allow for standing up and positioning these devices so the class can be done hands free. There is no need to have someone holding the tablet or phone. Just set them up and the functionality will do the rest.

The powerful components in each of these make them ideal options for this use and will actually be more than is needed. Yet, if you already have one, why not use it.

Additional Options and Accessories for Private Karate Classes Online

For a larger viewing screen, hooking up your television to one of the devices above can make for a unique in home private Karate class experience. When doing it, if you place the device in front of or right next to the television, the camera and mic can make the class look and feel like an in person lesson.

All it usually takes is a cord or two to accomplish this. Most newer computers come with HDMI cords and most other devices can use one of many adapter cords. The sound and picture from my classes can come through easily and the fun can take on larger proportions.

The Private Karate Class For Kids Online Takeaway…

If you are looking for a great way to introduce your kids to private Karate classes or group Karate classes, my online classes may be just what you are looking for. It takes out the commute, contracts, most of the price, time sink, and dealing with crowds of unknown people from the mix.

You can have high quality private or group Karate instruction brought directly to you in your own home for your kids. There is also the added benefit of other kids to relate to and interact with in the group class option.

These classes that I teach also include character development, a point earning system for chores and listening to parents, as well as the full functionality of a Karate dojo. All of this is available without leaving your home and dealing with commutes and schedules.

Karate has always been and will always be a private journey. Connecting with instructors and other students aids in that journey, but now through modern technology, you can get rid of much of the hassle that brings and focus much more on your child’s personal development.

If you would like to see a sample class or learn more about this exciting opportunity for you children check out the link below. With my classes, one low tuition payment includes all children in the immediate family, living in the same house. For a price much cheaper than any on site location you will find for even one child, you can have all of your children participate.

Don’t hesitate. There are no contracts to sign, just fun waiting several times each week and you can cancel at any time. Check out the link below to get the simple details and I hope to see you and your Little Ninja in my next Karate class!

Click here to see all the details to get your Little Ninja signed up, burning energy, and pursuing their personal Karate goals today!

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