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I have a promise connected with this article. Are you ready? If you give me your attention for the few minutes it takes to read this or at least watch the embedded video, you will be given the tools to change the way you interact with your child and positively affect their lives.

There are three Ninja Tips that I am going to share and they are exactly what I use to teach my Little Ninja Online Karate Classes. More on that class a bit later.

Little Ninja Online Karate Classes for Kids are an excellent example of how to change a kids focus and behavior. In turn, this can redirect their lives in a positive way. This is all included in three Ninja Tips.

For those that are more audio-visually inclined, I have a video I did about this specific thing embedded here. Though I do ramble a bit more, it is essentially the same message.

For all the pricing and how to easily enroll your kids within minutes, visit my link here for all the details.

Why Am I Convinced That These 3 Ninja Tips Are So Important?

I have been a martial arts instructor for over a quarter of a century. This teaching career has led me around the world from Australia and New Zealand to South Korea to Germany and Switzerland to nearly all parts of the continental United States.

In my time teaching adults, kids, and families I have taught approximately twenty-five thousand children. In my interactions with these kids there have been wide varieties of things that effected them for better or for worse.

What I noticed over the years were recurring needs and effective solutions that kept reemerging. These began to take shape in three areas.

Not only this, I have been able to utilize the methods and tools of the martial arts, its goal setting, discipline structure, and extensive track record to my advantage. I have trained champions and become one myself on several occasions.

I have developed programs for the US military, taught German riot police, and instructed police forces across the country. I know the martial arts and I know raising children in healthy family environments.

These three tips are foundational to guiding kids and I use them each and every day in my Little Ninja classes teaching Karate and the fundamentals of good character. These are simple concepts, but profoundly deep in their application.

Ninja Tip #1 – Kids Need Personal Attention

Have you ever noticed a child that constantly wants to ‘tell you something’ or ‘show you something’? Most of us that have been around children much at all will recognize this type of child immediately.

There is a secret here that many don’t get until they have dealt with many children of all personality types. All children are like this, they just manifest it in different ways.

Not all of them will overtly request your undivided attention. Some may be more introverted, scarred by past experiences, or not have the skills to know how to be in their own skin enough to know they want that attention. But they all do.

The way a child knows that you care for them and their well-being is proper and meaningful attention. This to a child is like the air they breathe. Without it they feel starved and simply put, abandoned.

They need to know they are accepted, protected, and even regulated within a group set of boundaries. They will produce many different actions that ‘test’ or ‘feel out’ these things, but it is all the same need.

Back to that child who just NEEDS to have you hear their incoherent story. They are openly expressing what all children crave, your undivided attention. This gives them the acceptance they desire and allows them to see an example of caring, providing for those around them, and how to put the other first.

I use this in an intentional way in every class I teach. To show kids they are accepted and safe, they need to know you will give your time. To truly teach them anything they need to feel that membership in the group that you are in control of at the moment.

In my Little Ninja Karate Class Online I spotlight each and every child for personal sharing and demonstration of the techniques taught that day. They are also each singled out and given points for showing good character at home and other accomplishments.

This individual treatment allows them to learn. Without this you are trying to overcome their constant search for affirmation.

Ninja Tip #2 – Kids Need Fun To Engage Difficult Goals

My wife has an EdS in Education (one step below a PhD) and has been a public school teacher all across the country. A lot of her research was done on the use of ‘Play as Learning’.

The fun element for kids is vital. It motivates, inspires, and opens the door to meaningful engagement. There is just one problem with kids and their constant need for fun. They are pure consumers of it.

It is easily observed in the interactions of most children. They feed off of the energy and ideas around them and interact with the things that spark their curiosity and desire for entertainment.

What does this mean for adults wanting to cultivate an environment of fun that can be used to teach and shape these little balls of motion? Energy and effort. The amount required sometimes can be daunting.

You may have seen this tip and thought, ‘Well, of course kids like fun.” But this is where most people underestimate the power that ‘Fun’ can have when dealing with kids.

They want to constantly be stimulated and surprised. If they aren’t, you may think they are engaged, but actually they will have some movie clip rolling in their head as they stare into the middle distance.

It is a lot of work, energy, and sometimes pure will to keep the levels of delight and surprise high enough for a group of kids. To teach them or inspire them it is necessary.

As parents we do this in spurts throughout the day and at unexpected times for the greatest benefit and effect. How you do this can vary on the child and family dynamic, but it is a must.

Being silly when they expect you to be serious. Doing the unexpected. Showing up and being overly attentive. All of these things let your kids know you care and inspire them to explore how people relate to one another.

If you want your kids to be more caring, care about what they are doing. If you want your kids to be nicer to siblings and friends, be silly with them and immediately change to the ‘Dad Voice’ or ‘Mom Voice’ when they step over the line. This stark contrast ads such great emphasis to your correction.

Then once they have corrected their behavior, jump right back into the silly wearing of odd things on your head. Of course, you have to deny you are doing anything out of the ordinary.

I do this in every class I teach. I get them to do things that stretch their mental and coordination capacities by being silly and unexpected. They want to try it, even are compelled to try it if it is just the right kind of silly.

In my Little Ninja Class I base everything on a Bruce Lee principle. It is a simple plan the works very often. Establish a pattern. Once someone has seen and is used to the pattern, break it.

This works in self defense and in inspiring children, although the methods of doing this understandably are wildly different. Even so, the concept is the same.

In my Online Karate classes for my Little Ninjas I constantly surprise them and even shock them with silly or unexpected actions or phrases. This keeps their attention, makes them want to engage, and opens teachable moments.

Try this with your kids and see what happens. You may get a much bigger response than you thought. Most of the time, parents are shocked at how much their kids will focus on them when they do. They are waiting to see if you will do something off the wall again. Don’t disappoint. Give it to them.

How Does All Of This Find Its Way Into My Little Ninja Class For Kids?

Let me get right to the nuts and bolts of how you can use my Little Ninja Classes as a tool to jump start using these three parenting tips. This simple all inclusive program can be an invaluable tool for you as a parent.

There are multiple classes per week, sometimes several per day to choose from. Your Little Ninja can come to all or one of them. You know your child and their attention span etc.

I wouldn’t advise more than once per day and probably not all six days per week. That being said, I do see some kids nearly every day. Just remember, routine is great for kids, but they can get burnt out just like adults.

Along with these classes I have other special times. To make it easier, here is a list of all that is included…

  • Many classes per week
  • Offerings 6 days per week
  • Kahoot quiz night each week
  • Show Time on Fridays for kids earning at least 10 Monster Dojo Points
  • Monster Dojo points for listening to parents, doing coloring pages, etc.
  • Testing with board breaking and new belts to earn each season/term
  • Show and tell times with each class
  • Individual spotlighting for each child in each class

There is another HUGE advantage to these classes over others and on-site programs. One tution payment includes one or all of the classes for EVERY CHILD IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD!

Yep, for one payment you can have all siblings join and all are eligible for testing at the end of the term. The best ages are preschool through the end of elementary school. Other ages can join in, but just know that these classes are geared for these age groups.

So, what is the price? That is the main question for some here right? What if I told you you could have your kids attend for pennies per class. I am not overstating here.

For all the pricing and how to easily enroll your kids within minutes, visit my link here for all the details.

Ninja Tip #3 – Kids Need Good, Solid Role Models

Now, let’s dive into the last of the three Ninja Tips. This one is the most important and if you really take it seriously, can set your child on a path to success in life in all its areas.

Role models.

I am not talking about the steroid soaked, morally compromised professional athletes that are given way too much access to our children through media and entertainment.

This is also not referring to television or film personalites. These people have the same problem as the professional athletes, but maybe to a more extreme level. I knew many actors while living in North Hollywood and Burbank, California.

Let me let you in on a secret about actors. They are constantly unemployed and marketing the one product they have to sell… themselves. Their worlds are wrapped up in how they can better present themselves and convince people they are whatever is needed at any given moment.

Some are descent people for sure. Yet, even these people become compromised when it comes to worldviews and pride. It is almost impossible not to in that self-centered soup they live in.

Do you really want your kids holding up these people as examples on how to be?

I am talking about you and the people you allow around your children. You and those you let influence your kids on a personal basis are the building blocks your kids will use to decide how to be the person they will become.

They only listen half-way to what you say. They are watching you. They are watching me as I teach them. They are little copy cats ready to take in and reproduce what they see.

We do this too! Why do you think ‘The Office’ was such a popular show? It was us seeing, in parody form, how people interact with different personalities in socially awkward situations. It is funny, and also instructive for us as adults.

Kids are doing this with everyone they are surrounded by and the media you allow them to be exposed to. Want your kid to cuss like a sailor? Let them watch ‘South Park’. Want them to show compassion? You show compassion.

Want them to be silly, but still stay within the boundaries of good behavior? Let them join me in my class and they will realize how to have fun, but not impose on others or resort to rule breaking for the shocked reactions from adults.

Give them something to emulate. Be the person you want them to be. Surround them with people that show them how to be an adult. This is how they will know how to be a good, caring person ‘when they grow up’.

Little Ninja Class Takeaway…

If you want to have a tool to use in the monumental task of raising kids to be good husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers then I have it for you in an easy to use format.

If you want your kids to set goals that other scoff at, and then reach them in time, start by showing them what they can do by exposing them to role models that truly make a difference in their lives.

Give them the attention they crave and surround them with people that know how to support your efforts. Give them your time and have others do the same.

Wrap all of this up in a fun to use package to open and explore, and you have the recipe for success at your fingertips.

If you want to know more about my Little Ninja Live Online Karate Class for Kids, just click on this link and you are minutes away from a tool you can use to ensure your kids are on a path to being happy, healthy adults.

Mathew Booe

Mathew Booe is a father of four, husband to Jackie since 1994, retired international competitor with over 50 wins, an international seminar instructor, a master instructor of hundreds of Little Ninjas each week, and the one bringing you the great content like you just read. Sign up for the newsletter to hear about his upcoming books before they are released to the public.

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