Karate Coloring Pages: Free Character Page From Karate Coloring Book

Mostly when people think of getting their kids Karate coloring pages, it is for a past time or entertainment. Just having them color something that interests them can be fun, but if that is the only reason there is a missed opportunity.

Karate coloring pages or books should be used for teachable moments in discipline, good character, and responsibility. Parents can use the ‘Play as Learning’ technique and have their kids color pages designed to evoke conversations about growing as a person.

I have the perfect tool for you to use in the quest to raise kids of character. The Karate Coloring Book is available on Amazon.com here. It has page after page of cultural exploration, good character messages, and even responsibility prompts about chores and good behavior.

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These Karate Coloring Pages Are More Than Just Fun

If you want to get your Little Ninja something that can really spur their imagination and get them excited, unique coloring pages and books are the answer. There is also an added bonus to finding something that excites these little balls of energy. Play as Learning.

This is a concept that my wife Jackie and I have been developing in our own teaching methods for decades. She has used it in the middle schools of the barrios of East LA, I have used it in martial arts schools of all kinds all over Los Angeles. Now we have for years perfected this style of teaching in our current schools on the east coast.

In a study done at the Göteborg University, Sweden and published in the journal Early Child Development and Care, researchers found that play and learning are inextricable in a child’s development process. They will engage the subject much more fully and make great gains if play and learning objectives are combined.

As a parent, researchers found that you are uniquely able to combine these two elements for your child in ways they are inherently searching for. They are all exploration and inquiry looking for the things that fill those needs. Using Karate coloring pages filled with positive messages of character and virtue are just the tool to help you mix these two and affect growth toward cognition, communication, and emotional milestones.

This Karate Coloring Book is designed to start conversations and create teachable moments for your Little Ninjas. You can use it as one of the many tools in your toolbox as you shape them into the adults they will someday be.

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What Kinds of Karate Coloring Pages Are Included In The Book?

There are many ways these types of activities can be used to help children. Many other books offer spelling, reading, and writing learning drills along side of more stimulating coloring objectives. This is not really following the ‘Play as Learning’ model. They are expressly separating the two.

Not only that, it is a rare thing to find good character and virtue messages in those sorts of offerings. They are trying to appeal to the learning objectives of public schools and preschools. That is not the focus of my Karate Coloring Book. At its core is an attempt to spur interest in children to be… better.

There are three main types of coloring pictures you will find here.

  • Good Character and Virtue Sheets
  • Cultural Exploration Sheets
  • Responsibility and Chore Sheets

They are expressly designed to aid parents in teaching their Little Ninjas to be not only better people, but better members of their families. Conversations and examples are the best way to teach children, and when the element of play (creativity, joy, motivation) is added to the mix, the results could be eye opening.

Note: You can use the Look Inside feature on Amazon.com to see a couple of the pages for yourself. Just visit the Karate Coloring Book page on Amazon here.

The Good Character and Virtue Karate Coloring Pages

To grab the interest of children, many different animals are shown posing in recognizable Karate stances wearing martial arts uniforms. These are intended to excite the child’s imagination and draw them into the picture.

They are usually standing next to a word that represents a good character trait or virtue. This word can be a conversation starter between you and your child. These are not only fun ways to sit and color with your kids while they have their attention focused on what you both are doing, they are cultivated moments of teachablity.

Another great way to use them is to give the animals names and come up with narratives about who they are and what they have done. This stimulates the imagination. You can tie in the virtue with the story and you may even be entertained as your little story teller takes over to tell you all about it.

While they are there coloring you can focus their attention on the definition of the character word, how someone can show it, and how they can notice it in others. These can be great learning/play moments and treasured memories in the future.

The Cultural Exploration Coloring Sheets

The martial arts has come from a wide variety of peoples, cultures, and lands. These cultures are as varied as the martial arts that found their beginnings within their histories.

To learn about different peoples, their traditions, and historical narratives is a very important part of development of individual children, but more importantly it is a lost art in our world today. There is no more intimate way to learn about a culture than through language, cultural practices, and history.

Sadly, many in our societies today want to pretend that these cultural differences do not exist or are not important. As someone who has traveled the world many times I can tell you, people are very different. These differences should be celebrated and learned from, not ignored.

These world exploration coloring pages not only teach about the foundations of Karate and other martial arts, but they foster an understanding and respect for the differences that exist between people from other parts of the globe. There are martial arts images, pictures of animals, icons of the cultures, and examples of foods.

You can take the opportunity to talk to your Little Ninja about what it means to live in a culture and the differences in yours and others around the world. You might be surprised at what they have already picked up and the inquisitive questions that may keep you on your toes.

Karate Responsibility and Chore Coloring Pages

Have you ever wanted a way to bring up chores and responsibilities like cleaning up toys or going to bed on time? Have you ever wanted to do it without hearing yourself sound like you are scolding all the time? This is a great way to bring it up during a fun time of coloring and memory making.

These pages interspersed throughout the book can be your chance to talk about these things in a fun and playful manner. Get them to tell you about how good it is that the Karate Puppy is cleaning up the toys on the floor.

Let them explain to you why it is good that the Karate Dragon Baby is going to sleep in his own bed at night. It may be that they already know these answers and just would rather not do them sometimes. Having them tell you about them is more instructive than you pouring words over them that they are more than likely going to ignore anyway.

These pages can get them engaged to the point that they will verbalize the responses to your questions. In this way, they are reinforcing the good habits and practices in their minds on their own terms. They can relate these activities to events in their imaginations, and that kind of thing sticks like an annoying song that won’t leave.

As more Karate Coloring Books come out, there will be more and more chores/responsibilities highlighted. Don’t forget to sign up for the reminder list. That way you can get the next one and be ready for your teachable moments.

These Karate Coloring Sheets Will Also Help Kids Learn To Draw

These are all hand drawn by me in one sitting without correction. To be honest, this is a skill I learned as a kid. I used many different things as inspiration for these pictures, but it was the skills of one off drawing with a pen developed as a child that I used here.

This was a blast to produce. To get some of that same fun for your little ninja, have them trace the pictures. That is one of the first ways I used to practice drawing when I was younger. Tracing develops continuous lines skills, depth, and perspective.

Sure, there are youtube tutorials, paid classes, and many other options for drawing instruction. Being a poor little kid with none of those options long ago, I used whatever I could find to trace until I could draw it with pen in one setting with no mistakes.

I was accepted to both of the architecture schools I applied to and in each interview they remarked at my childhood portfolio. Much of what I did came from magazines and coloring books that I could find at the time.

You can help your aspiring Little Ninja artist develop her skills and maybe it could turn into a career one day.

Unlike Other Toys, This Karate Coloring Book Will Be Treasured For A Lifetime

We all know what happens to many of the things we buy our kids. They end up on the floor or in a corner. Sure, they enjoy playing with them for a while, but it doesn’t take long until it has been left to sit for months without so much as a thought.

When your kids create things however, this immediately becomes valuable not only to you, but to them. So often they come home from whatever group they have been with holding a handful of loose, half completed projects. This is a chore to keep track of, even if some of them you would love looking back through in the future.

Having a themed and fun filled teaching aid colored by your Little Ninja all together and easily storable? You will thank yourself years from now. Those things are amazing to pull out and go through, especially when you haven’t seen your not so Little Ninja for months because she is away at college. BELIEVE ME that is just around the corner. It seems like yesterday…

I digress. These easy to keep all together and in a box types of things are going to bring you many smiles, and maybe a tear or two in the future.

The Karate Coloring Pages Takeaway…

Just getting yet another throw away book full of coloring activities that are unrelated to your child may be fun for a few minutes, but both of you will not see the value that the right kind of pages will bring. What can make an actual impact on your child are the conversations, shared coloring experiences, and keepsake treasures Karate character pages like these can provide.

When trying to teach our Little Ninjas we need to keep in mind how they learn best. Engagement is essential, and adding play into the formula boosts results through the roof. Talk to your kids about chores and they will tune you out. Color with them and make up stories about an elephant being careful with Karate as she vacuums and you have yourself a teachable moment.

The pages in my books are designed not only for fun, but for good character, cultural exploration, and responsibility training. You can help your child with your time and conversation, but they will engage it more when you add in the fun.

To get one of these future valuable treasures, just visit the list subscription above and you will find the links to Amazon in the email I send you with the Free Karate Coloring Page.

You can also go directly to Amazon from the link below and get your copy today. Future you will thank you.

Mathew Booe

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