Little Ninja Gift Ideas

Birthdays and holidays seem to be around every bend. It is hard to figure out what kids want sometimes, besides everything. To narrow down the focus we can look at what is good for them and what they enjoy. If we find a place where that overlaps then we have a winner. The Martial Arts fits that bill for many of them. Here are a few of the best and most useful gift ideas for the Little Ninja in your life.

Best Gift For Little Ninjas

A belt display is a great gift that keeps track of all the belts that your Little Ninja has earned. I have several types to choose from in my Little Ninja Shop. Just follow this link to see the ones I recommend.

Bracelets and headbands are great, inexpensive gifts for any Little Ninja. When I have let kids wear Karate headbands and bracelets in class, hand clapping and squeals of glee ensue. Check out my selection here in my Little Ninja Shop.

Other great Gifts

Junboys Plush Kids Boxing Glove Spiderman Toys – The amount of times that I hear, “I loooooove Spiderman” each day is unbelievable. What better than to combine a boxing glove with Spider Man hands. They will loooooove it. Buy it on Amazon.

Pillow Buddy For Bedtime and Karate Practice – This thing is big compared to just about any other martial arts themed plush toy (the little kids call them ‘stuffies’ now days). The price is really good for a stuffy this size. And there are options for boys and girls. Win, Win, Win. Buy it on Amazon.

Stretchy Slingshot Ninja – These are great, inexpensive indoor and outdoor ninjas that kids can safely fly across the room. They are washable and tons of fun. But it on Amazon.