Little Ninja Clothing

Here I am listing the basics in martial arts uniforms and some options for cool t-shirts. I am now allowing all of my personal students to wear these t-shirts in class instead of their Gi tops. This is an option in many martial arts systems, but usually is up to the instructor. These shirts can also be worn throughout the day at their school as well.

Uniform (Gi) Options

There are many color options, but for children and especially beginner to intermediate students the lighter weight (6 oz) options are the best.

Highest Quality

To get the highest quality in a martial arts uniform then you will want to visit my Little Ninja Shop at this link here. At the top of the introductory page to the shop you will find a size chart and what to look for in the shop.

Once in the shop look for the uniform category (direct link here) and choose whatever color that is available in the 6 oz size that fits your Little Ninja’s tastes. Hopefully we’ll see some pink clad Little Princess Ninjas soon.

Cheapest Price

If price is more of a concern then there are a few more options. These Little Ninjas turn into bigger Ninjas fast. I would suggest one of the following if you are wanting to save some money.

  1. Simply buy the Gi top and not the full uniform. I allow this in my classes due to the fact that most all of my students are younger kids. Some ‘get too hot’ or don’t like the feel of the pants. This can save quite a bit.
  2. I allow Karate t-shirts instead of the Gi tops if that suits your munchkin and budget better. Here are the two options I let them wear in classes.
    1. Tstars – Ninja in Training – Cool Children Clothing – Funny Kids T-Shirt – This is the perfect t-shirt for any Little Ninja. Many color options to choose from. I allow kids to wear these as uniforms in my classes. Buy it on Amazon.
    2. Unicorn Ninja Cute Rainbow Unicorn Fighter Lover Gifts T-Shirt – I couldn’t believe it when I saw this one a while back. It comes in many colors. I allow kids to also wear these when training in my classes. Buy it on Amazon.