Little Ninja Testing

Here is where to find all the information you will need for your Little Ninja’s online testing. There are a couple parts, that if done will make the whole process easy.

If you already know what to order and have been through the process before, here is a link directly to the testing category in my Little Ninja Shop.

Testing Fees

This is a simple one.

There are NO FEES for online testing. Simply order the board and belt using the information in the next sections; then pick your testing time.

As long as a student has attended 9 sessions in a term, they are eligible for testing.

What To Order For Testing

There are two main things that you will need to order from my Little Ninja Shop. Try to do it as early as you can so that it will arrive before testing day.

  1. A breaking board
    1. Plastic rebreakable type OR
    2. Wooden board (pack of 3)
  2. The next belt

The Boards

I have two choices in my Little Ninja Shop testing category.

Plastic Rebreakable Board

This board can be used for many tests in the future. It simply slides back together. If you get the right size board, this portion of the test will be a breeze.

For most all of my students, I recommend only getting the YELLOW version. The other versions are too hard for younger students. Even the blue is challenging for most of my Little Ninjas.

Wooden Boards

These boards in my Little Ninja Shop come in packs of three.

I recommend for most all of my students the smallest of the boards.

The next bigger size is there for older and advanced students.

Be sure you are also willing to hold the larger ones steady before getting those. The holder makes the board breaking process exponentially easier or harder.

The Belts

Here is a rundown of all the belts from the beginner levels into the mid intermediate stages.

All belt types are linked directly to the product page in my Little Ninja Shop. Due to the shop being new and we are still in the process of working out all the issues, it may be easier to add multiple items to your cart if you first go to the testing category here.

You will find that many of these when you go to order them have size numbers. Here is my suggestion…

  • Get the largest size available or at least the same size or larger than the uniform size from the chart below.
  • If it is a size 6 or 7 you can simply cut it in half and single wrap it from the back.
  • If it is smaller than a 6 or 7 then tie the belt with one side the right length and cut the other to size.
  • You can also match the belt size exactly by using this handy chart.

If any of the belts or boards are out of stock let me know asap and I will check with the warehouse. If they are going to be out for an extended period of time, I will contact my backup suppliers and try to have it drop shipped to you.

Testing Times and Days

As you can imagine, if I post the links to the shared data sheets with everyone’s kids names on it, nonsense from random people will begin to show up on the forms. We try to avoid nonsense if we can.

Therefore, I send out the links to the emails I have on file for you to sign up for one of the many testing times. Once you do, be sure to let family and friends know that want to tune in and watch. It doesn’t take too long and they can connect from nearly anywhere in the world.