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Writing and Publications

Jackie has written many blog posts for LittleNinjaParenting.com.

She has also written for several school systems across the country in California, Virginia, and Tennessee.

  • Unit plans
  • Detailed lessons
  • Supporting material
  • Professional development curriculum


  • Bachelors of Arts Degree in human learning and development and a minor in Education
  • Master of Science Degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction
  • Education Specialist Degree focusing on English Language Learners

Teacher Certifications

  • Elementary
  • Secondary English
  • English Language Learners

Teaching Licenses

  • Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • California


  • Owner of Daycare
  • Homeschool Teacher
  • Adjunct Professor
  • High School Honors English and English learners
  • High School Algebra
  • English Specialist for Elementary English learners
  • Elementary grade teacher (all subjects & levels)
  • Middle school teacher (all subjects)

Administrator Comments From Most Recent Unannounced Evaluations

Ms. Booe has superior professional knowledge of not only the content (writing) but also around classroom management. Ms. Booe was able to deliver instruction with high expectations around story building through the use of a song, modeling, including gradual release of responsibility in giving students opportunity to work on their own.

She did a great job in activating previously reviewed information, building off of that to model the expectations of the SWBST model, giving the students the opportunity to do that with her guidance, and then finally independent practice. Ms. Booe’s lesson plans outline the same information and instructional delivery and outcomes that were observed.

The instructional delivery observed was truly that of a master teacher. Ms. Booe not only had a clearly well planned lesson, she was able to deliver rigorous content to students who may have struggled in other classrooms. She activated prior knowledge through showing information that the class previously would have completed. Ms. Booe was versatile and has such mastery of the content that she was able to introduce a new student to the class, review PBIS expectations, and then resume her lesson without ever losing the class, or missing a beat. She continued to positively model correct thinking and decision-making, with the content, she gently corrected students who shared incorrect answers. After modeling the information for the students, Ms. Booe then would provide the opportunity to work out what she had just modeled. Ms. Booe also worked with students during independent practice to make sure that those students are being supported. 

It was clear that the system of teaching Ms. Booe has in class, that she is constantly responding to the need of the students. It is clear that her instructional planning and delivery are developed around her students needs. She has, and collects the data needed to build strong lessons to support her students as much as possible.

Ms. Booe has created one (if not the) most socially/emotionally responsive classrooms in the school. Students are given and give respect at all turns. They know the expectations of the classroom and all follow them. In turn, Ms. Booe also knows the needs of her students and is responsive with the push/pull of the various needs in her classroom. There are seldom, if ever, behavior problems that come out of Ms. Booe’s room, and not because they don’t happen, but because of the culture Ms. Booe cultivates in her class. Ms. Booe uses her space and time to support students to the maximum level. She is thoughtful in her lesson planning and grouping of students ability levels.

Ms. Booe is the consummate professional. She is the 3rd grade team leader and serves on the principal’s leadership committee. She has taken on tasks which others were unwilling or unable to do.

Ms. Booe’s instruction is always on point. Her high expectations in both behavior and academic ability shine through in her lessons. She is a leader both in the classroom as well as the school. Thoughtful instruction, classroom management, and emotional support of her students make her classroom one of a kind. It is clear when her students (both current and former) talk about her, that she creates lasting impressions in their lives which go beyond the basic requirements.

Comments From Previous Administrator Evaluations

You have broad professional knowledge of best practices associated with strategies to help EL students accelerate their knowledge of both the English language as well as grade level content. Today’s sequencing activity reflected the use of appropriate scaffolds to ensure success with non-fiction topics.

Students maintained a high level of engagement throughout the lesson, willingly speaking and writing as prompted. The atmosphere was conducive to learning and sharing. Your positive and encouraging words motivated the kids to perform despite it being late in the day. 

Thank you for your leadership service to the staff via representing the EL team at central office meetings as well as at our weekly leadership team meetings here at Tucker. Your attention to detail and balanced mindset are much appreciated.

Thank you for the high level of professionalism you display on a daily basis at school! Your contribution to the team and to the total school program is appreciated.

The Odyssey and “tall tales” represent a significant bumping up of expectations for young learners. Your questioning and thinking out loud provided the scaffold that students needed to access some of the links to both the story itself as well as other board games that students have prior experience playing. The complex layers of objectives in this type of project allows all students to expand their thinking and engage mentally with higher order thinking skills. Mr. Bloom would be proud!

Students were genuinely engaged throughout the fishbowl activity today. The respect they showed for their classmates during the presentations was impressive and clearly a reflection of your high expectations for demonstrating ROARS behavior on a routine basis.

Your interactions with students in today’s lesson reflect the professional demeanor which leads to your success with behavior and academic benchmarks. Thank you for the professionalism you bring to your team on a regular basis.

During the observation Ms. Booe engaged her students in multiple levels of thinking, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Ms. Booe was also able to connect the text, and learning objectives to real world experience of Veterans Day, as well as the real world application of allowing students to synthesize text, to summarize pictures (or photographs). Instructional rigor was demonstrated through multiple forms of reteaching and coaching that was observed happening throughout the day. Students were aware of high expectations and were constantly challenged to evaluate their own progress.

Ms. Booe demonstrated intentional instructionally planning in the fluidity of the lesson, moving from independent reading, to the small group lesson (relevant text, skill that had been previously covered) as well as the movement into the small groups. Using the document camera and whole group “close reading” strategy to purposefully look at the text, as well as connecting the pictures and text back to the students ability to synthesize.

Ms. Booe constantly was engaging students in checking for understanding and ensuring that students making common mistakes were able to correct themselves. Instructions were clear, and direct, creating a no secrets classroom where students success criteria are clearly outlined and all students were made aware. Instruction was delivered in an expert and proficient manner which all students were able to engage with each other, as well as the teacher(s) in the classroom. Routine and procedures were clear and students seemed very comfortable performing tasks.

Students were observed self monitoring during the independent reading activity as well as the small group activity. Ms. Booe seemed to constantly be checking for student understanding and engagement. Ms. Booe did an exemplar job in praising students who were doing the right thing, and supporting the students who were struggling with success. It was also clear that the students reading notebooks have created a running record of their work and are being made available for both self and teacher reflection for next steps.

Ms. Booe maximized instructional time in the classroom with smooth transitions that allowed students to take ownership over items as well as their own learning. Ms. Booe was very responsive to students needs in the classroom, including the requests for support, and clarification. Small groups were numbered and thoughtfully planned out, and had differentiated activities. A strong climate of trust and care was evident by the students eagerness to share their success with Ms. Booe. Ms. Booe response to students questions and struggles with care and compassion.

Ms. Booe’s interactions and collaboration with the community, and her students and parents is legendary, and shines through in the relationships she builds with families. This is evident through her deep understanding and care for each student. Ms. Booe also serves as the grade level team lead, and liaison with the Instructional Leadership Team.

You are always willing to contribute to the ELL teams efforts in the best interests of Tucker students. Thank you for your willingness to try new things (shifting ELD model) and act as a bridge-builder when it comes to working with central office staff.

With each and every student actively engaged, the atmosphere in the room was conducive to high levels of student learning. You delivered multiple whole class and individual compliments that yielded good fruit!

Thank you for taking the lead with Reading Workshop in the two 2nd grade classrooms with long term substitutes. This reflects your commitment to the students, your colleagues and the profession!

This highly motivating lesson created an ideal learning atmosphere. The pacing, challenge and movement all contributed to a lesson that will linger in students’ minds long after today. Novelty often increases retention of content and as such, I know your students will benefit from continued use of both simulations and Quizlet.

Thank you again for your professional transition to your new role. It is wonderful to see the kids engaged and you so happy!

You possess broad knowledge of the instruction and classroom management demonstrating application of both on a regular basis. Today’s unannounced observation reflected the best of what happens when teachers are challenging their students and meeting them where they are at with the content at hand. Kudos!

Having assignments prepared in Google Classroom and appropriate pathways set up in Imagine Math requires careful planning. Your attention to detail was evident in today’s math lesson resulting in productivity across the board.

Student self-assessment is a high priority in your 3rd grade classroom. This is the age at which students are developmentally ready to take the big step of taking charge of their own academic growth. Today there was strong evidence that charting pre and post test scores is a meaningful activity that is worth the cost in terms of use of instructional time. You have gone the extra mile in providing students with the actual pre- test upon which to record their scores and show their work.

There was 100% engagement as I entered the room today with a variety of tasks being completed by students scattered across the classroom. The physical layout of the room supports the threefold importance of whole group, small group and individual work space.

Your support of a student teacher is just one example of your professionalism and contribution to the total school program here at Tucker.

Parent And Student Quotes About Mrs. Booe

Thank you for everything you have done for the kids this past year. It has been a whirlwind of uncertainty and fear, but as their teacher, you gave our kids the gift of stability and reassurance.  Nathaniel has thrived under your guidance both academically and emotionally. He was just starting to adjust to his new school when the virus struck and turned his world upside down, again. The instructions you put together every day for his online learning provided Nathaniel with structure and routine that gave him a tremendous sense of comfort.  I do not think we would have gotten through this year without your dedication and love for your students.  Nathaniel often talks about how much he likes you and wishes you could be his teacher every year.

For that, thank you.

I believe you have very much earned your retirement and I congratulate you for such a successful teaching career!  I hope you have some well deserved time with family, and we wish you all the best!

Maureen, Aaron and Nathaniel Rosenblatt

hi mrs.booe thankyou for to be my teacher i like how grade 3 because and
you are the best for to believe me


Good afternoon Mrs Booe. I do love it nahom video so much. We work together and his comfortable in then he starts  Singing Is going great ..
 I am so happy when I see great job about Nahom  Specially when you confirm it a love see your email You make my day great   Sending email to  Encourage him … And I wanna say thank you so much  very great job for this time specially it’s  Was  hard time doing this Corona virus bet you keep student busy and learning a lot a love it . I really appreciate mrs Booe  You do very hard work with the student I love it and  Again thank you so much ..  You have a great day the rest of your day..

Nahom’s Mother

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